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Monthly subscription platform for movie theater chains of all sizes. Use our whitelabeled frontend or our API with integrations to all major ticketing POS systems.

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Our Purpose

Give movie theater chains of all sizes the ability to join the subscription revolution

Subscriptions are growing

A prominent US movie theater chain grew it's ~$20 a month subscription program to 600,000 members after only 6 months. Expected to reach 1 million by summer of 2019

The Landgrab is Now

Moviegoers who buy monthly subscriptions to a certain chain no longer visit multiple theater chains in their city

Subscriptions pay off in multiple ways

Besides the guaranteed monthly revenue from each member, they purchase 2.5 times as much concessions as the average movie goers and often bring their non-member friends and family, who pay full price

Our Platform Lets You Take A Swing At The Big Dogs

By talking to our customers and movie goers we've created a state-of-the-art monthly subscription platform with features on par with all the biggest chains

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We've got you covered from every angle

From 24/7 customer service to integrating into your POS system, our platform does it all

Customer Service

Let us handle the more difficult customers. We offer 24/7 trained customer service respresentatives on call

Management Portal

Track your subscription growth and manage your pricing and perks. After integrating with your POS you'll also be able to view member concession purchases and "take-along" stats

Customer Portal

Your members will be able to sign up for your subscription plan at both the counter and on your website. After signing up they will manage their subscription using the customer portal

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MoviePass is gone but movie theater subscriptions are here to stay.

On September 14th 2019 MoviePass breathed its last. However you could be forgiven for thinking it had died much earlier. After all, Variety reported back in April that they had lost 90% of their subscribers, going from “more than 3 million to just 225,000 in under a year”. However MoviePass’s downfall was not for nothing. It fundamentally changed the way people and theaters think about how tickets are paid for.

The first company to recognize and act on this change was actually one of the oldest in the industry, AMC. In response to MoviePass, AMC launched its subscription service on June 26th 2018. As an extension ...